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Abraham LaMark

Abraham LaMark is Owner/Operator of L&L Home Solutions, an energy efficiency company for residential and business customers that installs insulation, energy efficient windows and roof guards. As the owner, Abraham managers sales and customer communication, oversees installs and occasionally even does the install work himself.

Better insulated homes and offices require less energy to heat and cool. L&L Home Solutions makes sure homes and offices have the right type, amount, and quality install of insulation so they can perform at their best.

“It’s important to remember the big picture,” said Abraham. “There is upfront cost, but the better insulated the home or office, the less gas and electricity used and the smaller the carbon footprint.”

Abraham decided to branch out on his own and start L&L Home Solutions shortly after moving to Iowa. He relied on his own research, attending conferences and webinars and trainings to get more informed and become equipped to provide his clients with educated solutions.

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