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Alexis Woolard

Alexis Woolard made an effortless transition to the clean energy and mobility industry after earning her Masters in Community Planning and following nearly a decade working in real estate development, with a heavy focus on historic preservation and mixed-use developments. The financial, analytical, stakeholder engagement and project management skills transferred from her previous experiences have proven to be critical to success in both industries.

Alexis was one of the very first employees of Electrada, a pioneering 360 Charging-as-a-Service solution that fully capitalizes the EV charging infrastructure design, implementation, and operation costs, and manages it all with an industry-leading 99% performance uptime guarantee and predictably priced electric fuel that reduces the fleet’s cost per mile versus liquid fuel from day one.

 As Portfolio Director, Alexis plays a critical role in engaging with Electrada’s customers early in the customer lifecycle and manages the Electrada team through proposals to fleet customers from a variety of industries in both public and private sectors. Alexis leads Electrada’s customers through the installation and deployment process through energization, ensuring a successful transition to operations. She also supports the development of alternative fleet electrification strategies, including eHubs, or e-mobility hubs, by analyzing and optimizing third party depot-style EV charging for multiple users in strategically located areas.

Alexis is optimistic about the progress she sees every day as the clean energy industry harnesses its collective brainpower, engagement, and collaboration to find solutions to the climate crisis and reduce the carbon footprint of the built environment through innovation.  She is proud of her role in supporting Electrada’s mission to provide clean and reliable electric transportation to every community across North America.

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