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Andrew Fisher

Growing up in rural Iowa, Andrew Fisher was raised to take care of the land and protect natural resources. It makes sense that his effort to reduce his own carbon footprint by installing solar at his home led him to a career in the solar industry and to a leadership role in the Iowa Solar Industry advocating to make clean energy accessible to everyone.

Andrew’s on the job training and North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) certification provide an important foundation for his current role as a Solar and Electric Vehicle Consultant with 1 Source Solar, a turnkey solar energy installer serving Iowa agricultural, commercial, and residential clients.

Since joining the company in 2017 Andrew has educated customers on solar, battery storage, and electric vehicles and provided individual energy assessments, custom designs and financial projections for every type of solar project.

In addition to leading 1 Source Solar’s public education efforts and community partnerships, Andrew is Vice President of the Board of Directors for the Iowa Solar Energy Trade Association which is committed to expanding clean energy through public policy, public relations and education.

When people tell Andrew that solar energy costs too much and that it ‘doesn’t work in Iowa,’ he simply reminds them that ‘if the sun is shining, solar is working.’ He also stresses that solar is the only home improvement that will actually pay for itself, usually twice in its lifetime.

And if you still don’t believe him, he encourages you to look at what electric utility companies are installing because even they know renewable energy makes financial sense. And more clean energy means lower bills for everyone!

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