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Becky Alexander

The opportunity to blend right-brained artistry with left-brained analytics was a dream job come true when Becky accepted a design and research internship with LHB’s Performance Services group.

Five years later, Becky has defined a new position in the firm as its first architect and researcher. With a focus on clean energy, she explores the interrelationships between disparate design elements to help her team and LHB’s clients understand the impacts that new buildings have on humans and our environment.

“People have a hard time wrapping their heads around how seemingly isolated aspects of design can cause ripple effects. For example, choosing the paint color on the walls impacts the light levels in the room, and therefore how much energy is needed.”

“There is a lot of local support for clean energy. In addition to the building scale, we are working to improve how cities can incorporate energy planning for the future.”

Expanding beyond energy efficiency, LHB’s projects aim to broadly enhance human and ecological wellness. Becky’s work helps deepen the firm’s understanding of the local and global impacts of design decisions, empowering her clients and other developers to think more carefully about how they impact the world around them.

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