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Brian Krosschell

Brian Krosschell has worked at Polaris, a global leader in powersports, for 15 years where he currently serves as Chief Engineer of Electrified Propulsion.

Growing up, Brian was heavily influenced by his father who was an Electrical Engineer. Brian was constantly observing, learning, and building with him from a young age. At college, he studied Mathematics and Applied Physics but still felt power and performance calling out to him, so he went on to get a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on Powertrain Control Systems. He has been at Polaris ever since!

Polaris creates products and machines that allow customers to enjoy the outdoors. Polaris is strongly positioned to be the EV leader in powersports. Their “rEV’d up” initiative aims to provide customers with an EV option in their core product segments by 2025.

Brian believes that the transition to increasingly electrified propulsion systems is not solely driven by emissions reduction. While he does believe it is a significant benefit, electrified propulsion systems can provide substantial benefits in vehicle performance – improved operator control, less maintenance, less noise, and the ability to deliver torque and power precisely – are just a few of the benefits that provide innovation in a performance-driven industry.

At Polaris, Brian designs new products and innovates to make the vehicles and the experiences they deliver better for their customers.

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