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Cari Woitalla

Cari Woitalla has built a career around wind, and helps shepherd gigantic wind turbines measuring up to 225 feet long, to their final destination.

Cari Woitalla is one of those lucky few who start their careers at a family-owned business and never need to leave. She started her career while still in college as a part-time load tracker, ensuring the trucking company knew exactly where each semi-truck and its load of product was at any given time.

Cari was part of the team at ATS that worked on the company’s very first wind project back in 2004. Cari helps manage just-in-time deliveries, which is a process that takes time, good communication, and precise management. It’s her job to make sure each component of a wind turbine arrives at the right place at the right time.

Cari says recently she’s started teaching her two kids about Minnesota’s clean energy industry.

“My son was learning about wind energy in school this year in his third grade social class and he was proud and I was proud to say that our family is a part of that and we helped develop that here in Minnesota,” Cari says.

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