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Craig Millar

Craig Millar happened into a clean energy career when an employment agency placed him at a small wind turbine manufacturing facility in Scotland.

It was meant to be a temporary position to help finance his education in electrical engineering, but Craig liked the job and stayed on for a year. From there he traveled the world, engineering blades in Holland, Germany, Greece, Costa Rica, China, Turkey, and Mexico, before finally settling in Newton, Iowa at TPI Composites.

TPI supplies grand-scale wind turbine blades to General Electric for use on towers throughout the country. Craig is now a field service manager and covers all service and maintenance work in North America and Canada.

Craig is glad that fate landed him in the wind energy industry over 15 years ago, saying “TPI helps provide clean energy to millions of homes across the world while creating abundant career opportunities for local residents in the Des Moines area.”

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