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Eric Lindgren

Eric coordinates the production activities of Lion Electric’s electric school bus manufacturing plant in Joliet, Illinois. He’s been on the job for a year and a half.

The Lion Electric Company is an innovative manufacturer of zero-emissions vehicles, and they manufacture electric school buses that are a direct substitute for vehicles that would otherwise be powered by fossil fuels.

After graduating college, Eric immediately started working in the manufacturing industry supporting diesel construction and agricultural equipment. After ten years, he started looking for a job with a higher purpose where he could make a difference in the world. Working with Lion Electric to replace fossil fuel powered vehicles in North America has filled that desire perfectly.

Many people think it will be years before we see mainstream adoption of electric vehicle technology, but Eric knows there is a hunger in the marketplace to get electric school buses in place to protect one of our most sensitive populations, our children, and he expects to see the transition happen more quickly than you might expect.

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