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Joe Laughlin

A self avowed problem solver, Joe Laughlin knew his civil engineering degree would be put to its highest and best use tackling climate change through renewable energy. His role as a Civil Design Engineer II at ENGIE Distributed Renewables, which he joined right out of college, allows him to flex his problem solving skills on a daily basis.

Joe’s passion about the power and the potential of clean energy also leads to his frustration with people’s misperceptions about its cost. “Solar energy is now the cheapest form of electricity in many parts of the world even without subsidies.”

In fact, it is his job every day to monitor and manage just that. Joe is responsible for optimizing solar project system design, performance, and cost through custom 3D design drawings and production modeling and partnering with his ENGIE colleagues, landowners and permitting authorities to ensure optimal installation.

Joe values the career and technical skills growth opportunities at ENGIE where he teams with colleagues to originate, develop and construct solar projects throughout the United States. “Continuing to learn new skills is critical in the solar industry as equipment and design software are constantly evolving.”

Both Joe and our world benefit from the demanding and focused innovation of companies like ENGIE Distributed Renewables that are leading the way in renewable energy.

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