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Joffrey Wilson

Long before Joffrey Wilson developed a passion for the clean energy industry, he fostered a passion for cars developed in his hometown growing up in South Minneapolis.

After working at Ford Motor Company, a stint at business school, and General Mills, Joffrey’s career trajectory changed when a recruiter told him about a job at Mortenson. Mortenson is a $5 billion construction company headquartered just outside of Minneapolis.

Energy and infrastructure for Mortenson includes engineering and construction of solar and wind farms, high voltage transmission lines, substations, battery storage, and EV charging. Joffrey joined Mortenson’s Corporate Strategy group five years ago, then helped build the Energy Solutions business. After serving on Mortenson’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) committee, he took on a full-time role in 2020 as Director of DEI.

Joffrey says he welcomed the opportunity and challenges of the newly created position. “My heart was calling for me to work in a space that was a little bit different to drive some change. When the opportunity presented itself to move into the space, I jumped at it,” he explains.

Even though his daily focus has shifted, he says he still feels very connected to the clean energy world, and says he’s proud and excited when he gets to tell people what he does for a living.

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