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John Middleton

John Middleton works at SEEL, one of the largest minority-owned energy management firms in the country. He is part of the 74,000 energy efficiency workers in Michigan and the 2.1 million energy efficiency workers in the United States.

John’s career at SEEL began in 2018, where he worked as a route driver. As he attended multiple trainings and gained certifications, he rose through the ranks and now works as a Senior Field Coordinator. 

At SEEL, he is responsible for a team of energy educators who work with small businesses throughout the area to reduce energy usage and help them save money that directly impacts their bottom line.

John credits his success now to the training he received as a route driver. Michigan needs to train up a workforce to fill these types of jobs today and give people the opportunities to advance in their careers tomorrow.

View a video on John and his work here

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