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Joseph Matamoros

Joseph Matamoros is a Product Manager at S&C Electric Company, which specializes in switching, protection, and control of electric power systems. Their solutions are an essential part of the electrical grid that brings power to homes and businesses.

At S&C, Joseph is responsible for their Vista® and Vista® SD Underground Distribution Switchgear products. He works with utility, commercial, and industrial customers to help them understand their switchgear problems and challenges. Working with his customer’s engineering teams, he develops new underground distribution switchgear applications and solutions.

As more distributed energy generation is becoming interconnected to the grid, alongside an increased amount of EV demand, there are new requirements for switching and protection equipment. In fact, many utilities are also looking to reduce their carbon footprint. Joseph’s role at S&C allows him to develop and deliver new sustainable switchgear solutions to customers. He is a firm believer that there are many more ways to green the grid, reduce carbon footprints, and increase sustainability beyond adding more EVs on the road.

After receiving his Bachelor’s degree, Joseph went back to school to obtain a Master’s degree in power systems engineering since many Transmission and Distribution (T&D)-specific topics had not been covered at the undergraduate level. However, Joseph credits working with customers, suppliers, and consultants to his success in learning how to solve complex problems.

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