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Kasey Abbott

Growing up on a ranch on the Rosebud Indian Reservation in South Dakota, Kasey Abbott always loved math, science, and figuring out how to make something work better. Once he started to work in the building automation business, he knew he had found his ideal job.

Kasey is the President of Direct Digital Control Inc., a controls engineer, and a licensed professional engineer. He tries to focus on what he loves the most, which is working with building owners so that they can operate their facilities more efficiently.

Kasey began his career with Honeywell as a controls engineer and has worked in building automation since 1987. In 1994, Kasey started Direct Digital Control Inc. in his basement. 

Nearly thirty years later, Direct Digital Control Inc. employs 12 people and automates commercial buildings to improve comfort for the occupants and lower their energy costs. Kasey works with building owners to recommend how they can improve their buildings’ performance – many buildings waste energy needlessly because the building is not being controlled properly.

Kasey’s mechanical engineering background, with an emphasis on controls and system optimization, has helped him be a better problem solver for his customers. He seeks to instill these insights when he is mentoring his employees to better serve their customers.

People don’t realize the breadth of opportunities that exist in the clean energy industry. In fact, clean energy jobs in buildings are numerous as they involve better automation systems, improving building envelopes, and more efficient equipment. Direct Digital Control Inc is a great example of the type of business working in the energy efficiency sector, the largest clean energy sector in South Dakota.

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