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Madhushan Tennakoon

Madhu uses machine learning to save clients up to 50% on their energy costs.

Madhu Tennakoon is originally from a small town called Kandy in Sri Lanka. Growing up, his town’s power source – hydropower, was intermittent due to the dry season.

This got Madhu thinking about energy efficiency, “I guess you could say I’ve been thinking about saving energy since I was a kid.”

Madhu’s role as machine learning developer at 75F is about teaching computers to decipher thousands of data sets to identify hidden patterns and relationships, offering crucial insights into complex physical systems. Currently, he’s addressing how buildings absorb and loses heat, and how smart building can use occupancy and weather patterns to predictively manage indoor environments for better occupant experiences and operational efficiency.

“You feel a sense of pride knowing that at the end of the day, you’re not just keeping your consumers happy by keeping them comfortable, but you’re also helping people be more energy efficient,” Madhu says.

Read Madhu’s full story here.

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