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Mahanth Joishy

Mahanth S. Joishy began his career in the clean energy industry for the City of New York as a fleet analyst in 2001, working there until his move to Madison, Wisconsin in 2017. He now works as the Fleet Superintendent for the City of Madison. 

Mahanth and his team are responsible for procuring, fueling, inspections, maintenance, and auto auction at end of life for 1,400 fleet assets on behalf of the City of Madison. They work towards making the fleet as environmentally sustainable as possible, investing heavily in green operations. For example, their headquarters use solar powered electric vehicle charging. Collectively, this has resulted in over 5.5 million lbs reduction in CO2 emissions since 2018. Their goal is to convert 100% of the fleet to 100% Wisconsin-made biodiesel or 100% EV this decade (Read more about their goals and what they’re doing to achieve them here).

Mahanth credits his success to on the job training and a strong belief that environmental sustainability should inform all divisions of all local governments. He is a strong supporter of clean energy and the role it plays in economic development and business. 

“We don’t talk enough about how clean energy can also be great when it comes to economics and business, and how it can connect both red counties and blue counties politically,” said Mahanth.

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