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Patrick Kemp

Patrick Kemp joined St. Louis-based solar company Microgrid Energy shortly after graduating from college in 2012.

Microgrid Energy completes solar projects ranging from small, 25-killowatt installations to multi-megawatt roof and ground mount projects. Patrick’s job is to determine the best way to design and construct the project to meet a client’s needs.

As Director of Engineering, Patrick oversees pre-construction design and engineering from a project’s conception to construction takeoff. He also designs commercial and utility scale solar projects—from small, battery-based microgrids to multi-megawatt installations.

Patrick, who has always had an interest in how solar and wind can contribute to our energy future, has found his professional match at a company that operates with a focus on people, planet and prosperity.

“There is a general misperception that the cost of energy upgrades is prohibitive and the technology has huge room for improvement,” said Patrick of the solar industry. “What we have seen, however, is that the cost is competitive and the technology is proven.”

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