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Ria Lester

As more new wind turbines are being built every day, older turbines still need to be maintained. That’s where Wind Secure Inc. comes in.

Wind Secure Inc. specializes in inspecting, maintaining, repairing and protecting wind turbine foundations throughout the United States. Ria Lester helps keep that work running smoothly in Michigan.

Ria started her position at Wind Secure Inc. two years ago, managing the company’s Michigan office. She coordinates payroll, designs marketing materials, organizes pictures and data from turbine inspections and more. During her time at Wind Secure, Ria has greatly broadened her knowledge of Michigan’s growing wind industry.

She has fond memories from her childhood of attending environmental conferences with her dad, so working in the clean energy sector was a perfect fit.

“The clean energy sector is an exciting industry with huge potential for future growth,” Ria said. “I’m a firm believer in clean energy, and proud to say I get all of the electricity for my household from clean sources through a program with my local utility, DTE Energy.”

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