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Ryan Zaricki

In 2011, a woman in Bloomington, IN asked Ryan to help her differentiate between a few bids she had gotten for a solar PV system on her home. He answered her questions and she ended up asking Ryan to bid her project.

He got the job, and happy customers led to other happy customers. Whole Sun Designs has grown slow and steady over the years, and Ryan have expanded his skill set from solar installer and engineer to business owner.

He is an engineer by training and has found building a solar business incredibly fulfilling. Ryan noted, “I love working in the solar industry, because it allows me to sleep well at night. Out of college, I wanted to do meaningful work, making a positive impact on our world. Solar has allowed me to do that and make a good living. Now, I’m creating job for others to do the same.”

“I think the biggest misperception about the solar industry is that it is just tree-huggers and environmentalists.” Ryan said. “While solar certainly has great environmental benefits, it also creates jobs, spurs economic development, and fosters energy independence, all points that bridge the political aisle.”

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