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Samantha Frick

The shift to electric mobility is well underway as consumer demand grows, investment is at an all-time high, and communities are moving quickly to embrace the change.

ChargePoint is leading the way with a mission of helping every driver get behind the wheel of an electric vehicle (EV). With the largest EV charging network in the world, ChargePoint is the only company in the category that designs, develops, and manufactures charging solutions for every scenario.

Samantha took a position with ChargePoint earlier this year as an Account Executive. In this role, she works with municipalities, universities, retailers, and workplaces to develop the right EV charging infrastructure solutions that make charging easy and accessible for Michigan drivers.

Samantha has always had a passion for clean energy, and working in EV charging is only the latest clean job she’s had. Over the past eight years, she has worked for a microgrid company, a wind energy company, and for the Michigan Public Service Commission’s renewable energy and energy optimization sections.

Michigan is a leader in the international auto industry. At ChargePoint, Samantha is helping to continue the transformation of the transportation industry by working to make EV charging accessible to all.

“A lot of people think the clean energy industry is just about protecting the environment, but it is much, much more,” Samantha said. “Clean energy is the energy of the future, and that means improved energy security and reliability, job creation as well as better public health.”

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