To get clean-energy technologies from Warren to the world, we need federal innovation funding: Rick Stockburger

March 25, 2021

Rick Stockburger, president and CEO of BRITE Energy Innovators, an energy technology incubator based in Warren, Ohio, recommends more bold federal investments in clean, renewable energy.

He believes that if we don’t ramp up investments now, the United States might get left behind in the global cleantech race.

“This bucolic Midwestern setting may not be where you would expect world-leading, cutting-edge energy technologies to be developed, but at BRITE Energy Innovators, the nonprofit energy startup incubator I lead, that’s exactly what’s happening.

Innovation in the energy sector is one of the true engines of America’s economy. Lately, much of that innovation has been happening in clean energy – including at the solar startups, energy efficiency businesses, and renewable hydrogen technology companies that are closely connected to BRITE Energy or housed inside our West Market Street storefront.”

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